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Planning The Perfect Kitchen Remodel
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Planning The Perfect Kitchen Remodel

Nothing adds more value to a home than a Kitchen Remodel. Updating the kitchen is very popular, because it’s the gathering place for the family. Many homeowners add seating areas to the kitchen, while others have a booth installed. Using a quality remodeling company makes the project a breeze. The company generally carries everything needed to make the kitchen a showplace. A new kitchen can be beneficial to a homeowner’s well-being. It is more fun to work in a kitchen where everything is beautiful, and designed for convenience.

How do you know what type of kitchen to choose? There are five basic kitchen design plans:

Individuals can spend hours trying to figure it out, or use a remodeling company that has kitchen design experience. It is not a good idea to try extensive remodeling, on your own. For example, many kitchen materials contain hazardous substances like lead-paint and asbestos. Professionals will know how to handle those items, and get all the building permits needed. For information on kitchen remodeling, visit

One of the fun parts of a Kitchen Remodel is selecting what goes into the new kitchen. There are tons of choices in flooring for the new kitchen. Vinyl is the cheapest flooring choice, and it is laid quickly. Vinyl flooring is good for the kitchen area, because it is easy to clean. Tile is an expensive choice, because it’s labor intensive. A cement backing board is required and tile has to be put down, and then grouted. People who want the look of wood, should try laminate flooring. Laminate flooring tolerates moisture, and is scratch and dent resistant. Solid hardwood is not a great idea, because water and heat can warp the floor.

If the kitchen is large, an island may be a good idea. A kitchen island can be as attractive, as it is functional. The contractor can install a range in the island, or it can serve as the main counter to prepare food. Next, the kitchen needs new counter-tops. The selection of is really determined by the homeowner’s needs. If they cook a lot, professional-looking stainless steel countertops may be perfect. Stainless is stain resistant, but can easily get scratched.

If money is not a problem, natural stone countertops like marble and granite are beautiful and chic. However, stone countertops need to be resealed a few times a year, to prevent staining. Engineered stone is a cheaper material that is resistant to heat and stains. Many of the acrylic and laminate counter-tops are made to look like natural stone. These countertops are stain resistant, and quite easy to clean. Some people choose hardwood for countertops. The wood adds warmth to the kitchen, and wood has anti-bacterial properties.

Cabinets are really the heart of the kitchen, and there are so many styles. People use faux paint finishes to give wooden cabinets the look of a rustic farmhouse. There is a trend towards glass panel cabinet doors, because people want to display their plates and glassware. Another popular look is installing different sizes of cabinets, and placing them side by side for contrast. Remodeling the kitchen is a fun project, but selecting materials is difficult. Technology improvements have led to the development of countless kitchen products that look good, and are functional.